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Force Conversion Factors

The following table lists the conversion factors for various unit types to convert the measurement into Newton (N). Multiply the force by the conversion factor to get that force expressed in Newtons, and divide Newtons by that factor to convert Newtons into that alternate unit of force.

Unit Symbol Newton Conversion Factor
dyne dyn 0.00001
kilogram-force kgf 9.80665
kilopond kp 9.80665
kip kip 4448.222
kilonewton kN 1000
ounce-force ozf 0.2780139
poundal pdl 0.138255
lbf pound-force 4.448222
ton-force tnf 8896.443

Convert Other Units

Do you need to move an object in a distance other than meters? Do you want energy values in something other than Joules? If so, we offer a complimentary selection of conversion tools to convert between common distances & energy units.