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We offer a free scientific calculator. In addition we are constantly adding new calculators to our site. Here are our algebra, geometry, trigonometry, graphing, and calculus calculators. In addition to those category-based collections, in the section below we offer a collection of some of the best math-related calculators from around the web. We have also recently added a collection of math games to help students learn math online in a fun and interactive manner.

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  • Operations with common fractions - Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions by inserting numerators and denominators. Results are automatically simplified and converted to a decimal.
  • Logarithm - Calkoo application which calculates logarithms and exponents.
  • Per cent calculator - Free calculator for finding percentages. Insert two values and automatically calculate the third.
  • Quadratic Equation Calculator - Solve the quadratic equation. Insert a, b, and c into this calculator and solve for x's two values.
  • Pythagorean Theorem Calculator - Calculates the length of one side of a triangle. Solve the value of A, B, or C by inputting the other two triangle side lengths.
  • Trigonometry Calculator - Solves for trigonometric values like sine, cosine, and tangent. Choose between degree of arc and radian.
  • Proportion: Rule of Three - Calculates ratio equivalents in fraction forms using the rule of three. Insert three numbers and find the fourth to complete the ratio.
  • Area Calculator - Find the area of two-dimensional shapes such as circles, triangles, rhombuses, trapezoids, and more by inserting values in myriad length measurement options.
  • Volume Calculator - Calculate the volume of three-dimensional figures like cylinders and cubes. Results available in English, metric, and nautical cubic length measurements.
  • Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide - Insert up to four numbers at a time into this free calculator to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems.
  • Basic Calculator - Free online calculator with 10-digit keypad and basic mathematical functions.
  • Child Math Tutor - Generate free math problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for children with this online calculator. Operation checks answers and generates a report card.
  • Exponential Expression Calculator - Insert positive and negative bases and exponents into this calculator to find the product.
  • 4 Percentage Calculators - Four free calculators for solving percentage equations. Find the relationships between numbers and percentages as well as percent increase and decrease.
  • Scientific Calculator - Free online scientific calculator with 10-digit keypad and functions like logarithms and trigonometric calculations. Calculate results in radians or degrees.
  • Decimal to Fraction Calculator - Convert decimals to fractions with this free online calculator. Explanations of involved math functions also available on the page.
  • Fraction to Decimal Calculator - Free calculator for converting fractions into decimals using division. Also explore the related math concepts behind the calculations.
  • Scientific Notation Converter - Convert decimals to scientific notation, or numbers in scientific notation into decimal numbers. The page also explains scientific notation and how to do conversions manually.
  • Fraction to Percent Calculator - Insert the numerator and denominator of a fraction into this free calculator to solve for percentage, decimal, and simplest fraction form.
  • Roman Numeral Converter - Use this free online calculator to convert Arabic numbers into Roman Numerals, or Roman Numerals into Arabic Numbers. Page has a printable Roman Numeral chart.
  • Hex to Decimal Converter - Enter hexadecimal numbers (base 16 numbers with letters A-F) and this calculator converts them into base 10 numbers. The page includes explanations of hexadecimal numbers and conversions to decimal numbers.
  • Decimal to Octal Converter - Free online calculator which converts decimal numbers, or base 10 numbers, into octal numbers, or base 8 numbers.
  • Decimal to Hex Converter - Convert base 10 numbers to hexadecimal terms, or base 16 numbers.
  • Decimal to Binary Converter - This free online calculator translates base 10 numbers into binary.
  • Binary to Hex Converter - This calculator offers an automatic conversion of binary numbers into hexadecimal numbers.
  • Binary to Decimal Converter - Input binary numbers and use this calculator to convert them to base 10 numbers, including numbers with decimal points in them.
  • Multiplying Fractions Calculator - Get the product of fractions, mixed numbers, and whole numbers by inputting them into this calculator.
  • Math Fraction Reducer Calculator - Reduce a fraction to its smallest numerator and denominator with this free online calculator. The calculator also solves for greatest common factor and offers an explanation of math concepts.
  • Adding Subtracting Mixed Numbers Calculator - This calculator adds and subtracts mixed numbers and fractions with different denominators, while offering an in-depth look at the math concepts behind the solution.
  • Adding Subtracting Fractions Calculator - A free online calculator which adds or subtracts two fractions with different denominators, and explains the math behind the equation.
  • Dividing Fractions Calculator - Divide fractions, mixed numbers, and whole numbers with this free online calculator. The site also provides a step-by-step explanation of the answer.
  • Compare Fractions Calculator - Use this free calculator to determine which fraction is larger in a pair of fractions with different denominators.
  • Subtracting Adding 3 Fractions Calculator - Add or subtract three fractions with three different denominators with this free calculator.
  • Mathway - Insert a math problem into the editor and receive a step-by-step explanation of the solution. Problem types range from basic math to calculus and statistics.
  • Statistical Average Calculator - This calculator determines the sum, mean, median, minimum, maximum, mode, and range of a set of numbers. 
  • Standard Deviation Calculator - A free online calculator for determining the standard deviation, sample variance, population variance, and mean of a set of numbers.
  • Square Root Calculator - Solve for the square root of a number with this calculator.
  • Scientific Notation Calculator - Add, subtract, multiply, and divide between two numbers in scientific notation. Calculates the solution in scientific notation and in decimal numbers.
  • Exponent Calculator - Enter a base and an exponential power into this calculator and receive the result in decimal number form.
  • Prime Number Generator - A free online tool which generates prime numbers. Select the desired number of primes, and a numeric range within which to find them, and the tool creates a list.
  • Prime Number Calculator - This calculator checks whether or not entered numbers are prime.
  • Percentage Change Calculator - Determine the percent change, the fractional change, the numerical difference, and the percentage difference between two numbers.
  • Percent Calculator - A calculator which solves the equation number A is what percent of number B. Enter any two of the three fields to calculate the result.
  • Prime Factoring Calculator - Find all the prime factors of a number with this calculator.
  • Online Factoring Calculator - Generates a list of all factors, prime and composite, of a number less than 10 million.
  • Linear Equation Solver - This free online calculator solves linear equations for a single variable, and lists step-by-step how to manually solve the equation.
  • LCM Calculator - Find the least common multiple for between two and four numbers with this calculator.
  • Greatest Common Factor Calculator - Enter two, three, or four numbers into this online tool to find the greatest common factor of the numbers.
  • Operations with polynomials calculator - A calculator which will add, subtract, multiply, or divide two polynomial expressions. The calculator offers the option of generating an explanation for the solution.
  • Synthetic Division Calculator - A free online calculator which computes the synthetic division of polynomials. It also finds remainders of synthetic division and determines whether one term is a factor of the other.