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Math Games.

All games in our free online arcade open in a new tab with no branding, navigation, ads, or any other distracting elements, so students can learn math while having fun learning in a focused environment.

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division

Math Boy

Math Boy.

Math Boy - learn addition, subtraction, multiplication or division by solving equations that fight off monsters. Fun and easy with cute graphics, allowing students to learn one math operator at a time or practice multiple in conjunction.



SignalGame Math Game.

SinalGame - game where students must select the correct mathematical operator to complete an equation to reach a given result.


True Number Operator

True Number Operator.

True Number Operator - speed-based multiple choice game which asks for the solution to an equation.


Crazy Math Game

Crazy Math Game.

Crazy Math Game - quickly select the correct answer to an equation from 3 options. The game is fast-paced and starts with addition before moving on to subtraction, multiplication and mixing between all 3 options.


Quick Math Practice

The Highest.

Quick Math Practice - Players type in the numbers to shoot monsters falling from the sky. This game is best played with a number pad on a keyboard or the touch screen as it is fast paced even at the normal / beginner level to where clicking on numbers (especially with a mouse) is too slow when some of the numbers are negative. The beginner level only has numbers listed on each monster, but more difficult tiers add in math operators including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Maths Test

Maths Test - A/B speed-based math quiz game where a single incorrect answer ends the game. The easy mode shows addition equations whereas the hard mode can also include subtraction, multiplication & division.


Math Speed

Math Speed Game.

Math Speed - a fox has 3 lives with each wrong answer or unanswered multiple choice answer leading to a lost life. This game helps students learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Educational Math 4 Kids

Educational Math Game for Kids.

Educational Math 4 Kids - this game helps students learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Players can learn using 1 to 9, 10s, 100s or 1,000s. Answers must be manually entered, whereas many other quiz-based games are mutliple choice. Clicking the question mark moves formulas from horizontal to vertical. Results must be entered from left to right, which is easy for smaller results, but could be a bit challenging for some children with larger numbers while doing long division.


Kids Math Quiz

Kids Math.

Math Quiz - multiple choice game similar to either of the above games, but runs at a fairly slow speed which is welcoming to beginners. Beautiful use of colors. Incorrect answers take time off the time meter while correct answers add time.


Solve Math

Solve Math.

Solve Math - Game which asks players to create the forumla which arrives at a given solution to a problem.


Math For Kids Game

Math for Kids Game.

Math For Kids Game - multiple choice game which helps kid learn visually by showing animals they must count to then perform mathematical operations on. Players have 2 minutes to play and incorrect answers to not end the game nor lower the player's score, though count against the game's accuracy rating.


Multiple Choice Math Quiz

Math Quiz.

Math Quiz - multiple choice game similar to either of the above games, but runs at a fairly slow speed which is welcoming to beginners.


Arithmetic Game

Arithmetic Game.

Arithmetic Game - select the operator which correctly solves the equation.


Math Game for Kids

Math Game for Kids.

Math Game for Kids - Multiple choice selection game where players have up to 3 seconds to pick the right answer. The speed makes the game quite difficult compared to most other games in our colleciton.


The Operator

The Operator Game.

The Operator - fast game where students must quickly solve math problems.


Tap the Operator

Tap the Operator.

Tap the Operator - fast game where students must quickly click on the operator which correctly completes an equation.


Zombie Number

Zombie Number.

Zombie Number - practice any of the 4 most common math operators individually or all of them as a group.




Mathematic - true or false math quiz game using the 4 most common operators. The symbol used for division in this game is : and some of the division answers can lead to long decimals which can take some time to verify, making the game somewhat challenging



Feed Math

Feed Math Game.

Feed Math - feed a boy sushi by adding 2 numbered dishes. This game is cute, fun and easy. Time is replenished after each round, though after a dozen or so round the numbers start to get larger, making problems progressively harder.


Math Plus Puzzle

Math Plus Puzzle.

Math Plus Puzzle - Click on two or more blocks to add up to the number shown on the screen. Three different game modes to choose from: classic, accuracy & break. This game is good for kids who are beginning to learn addition.


Math Nerd

Math Nerd Game.

Math Nerd - speed based addition completion game.

This game is somewhat difficult due to it's speed, which keeps counting down from round to round.


Math Pop

Math Pop.

Math Pop - Pop balloons to add numbers until a set goal is reached.


Math Balls

Math Balls.

Math Balls - click on balls to add up to the specified number. When you click 4 or more balls a power ball is dropped which blows up many balls. This game is quite fast right off the start.




Wooppy - click on the moving balls to add up to the specified number. The game has three modes: easy, medium and hard. Even the easy mode is quite difficult as the balls move exceptionally fast and the game is over if you go above the specified number.


Grocery Cashier

Grocery Cashier.

Grocery Cashier - this game familiarizes students with addition and making change on cash purchases. Shoppers can use gift certificates or cash to pay. If the gift certificate is larger than the order amount no change is given while change is given for cash payments above the order amount. Players must make change by clicking on bills and coins in the cash register. The following denominations are used $450, $10, $5, $1, 50¢, 10¢, 5¢, 1¢. Games are timed, so data must be entered quickly.


Count Fingers

Count Fingers.

Count Fingers - players are given 60 seconds to count how many fingers are shown on the screen. Fingers and thumbs that are fully extended count as fingers, while those that are not do not get counted. Any incorrect answer ends the game.


Numerical Basics

The Highest

The Highest.

The Highest - a game where the user clicks on the highest numbered ball out of a collection of balls.


Number in Order

Number in Order.

Number in Order - players must click balls in increasing or decreasing order as specified by the instructions at the bottom of the screen. In some cases instructions also state to only click even or odd numbers, helping players familiarize themselves with even and odd numbers.


Math for Kids

Math for Kids.

Math for Kids - children can use this web app to count the number of animals which appear on the screen, choosing between a limit of 10 or 50. Learners can also select to learn addition, subtraction or multiplication with limits at 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000.


Complete The Sequence

Complete the Sequence.

Complete the Sequence - click on bubbles to complete a pattern of numbers. This game has 3 levels of difficulty, but even hard is quite easy. The hardest it gets is using negative numbers and skipping a couple numbers in a pattern sequence.


Mathball Roll

Mathball Roll.

Mathball Roll - physics-based game which asks players to roll balls toward even or odd containers based on the number on the ball.


Guess the Number

Guess the Number.

Guess the Number - students learn numerical range and half splitting using this game where they guess a number between 1 and 1,000, with the ability to adjust their guesses after each subsequent round narrows the numerical range.


Math Up Down


Math Up Down - players see one number at a time and must quickly slide it up if it is higher than the previous number or down if it is lower than the previous number.


Addition and Subtraction

Dux Math

Dux Math.

Dux Math - This game has players click on the number that corresponds to the solution to an addition or subtraction equation. Players can select between addition or subtraction and easy and hard modes for each. Playing instructions are available in English, Spanish & Portuguese.


One Plus Two

One Plus Two Game.

One Plus Two - quickly answer the equation by clicking on 1, 2, or 3. The timer resets after each level, though the equations quickly grow more complex, forcing one to do calculations faster.


Quick Math

Quick Math.

Quick Math - Players are shown a number of equations and have to click on whichever one is correct.


Number Maze

Number Maze.

Number Maze - Move the green box toward the blue box while counting down to zero as you get to the blue box. Each box may only be scrolled over once on your path & moves must be up, down, left or right. Diagnal moves are not allowed. While this is also a logic or puzzle game, it is great practice for quickly adding or subtracting numbers and makes learning them fun. The game offers easy and hard modes.


Multiplication Games

Table Under Pressure

Table Under Pressure.

Table Under Pressure - Multiplication game where a fire lights a bomb if time runs out. Players can select a max number to use in calculations and must manually enter the result of each calculation.


Logic-based Math Games

Get Twelve

Get Twelve.

Get Twelve - Touch related number blocks to remove them from the board and create a block using the subsequent number until you count up to 12.


Math Plus Pro

Math Plus Pro.

Math Plus Pro - addition game where students move the cursor around a box of numbers until all boxes show the same number.




CalcuDoku - What sodoku would be if it also included math operators.

Sodoku-inspired game which requires using each number once per line and the correct math operators to solve the puzzle.




Sumagi - Scroll over numbers to add up to a target goal number. Game settings allow for 3 to 10 rows and difficulty levels from baby to master.


Master Sudoku

Master Sudoku.

Master Sudoku - Game offering hints and puzzle completion features along with the following difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, very hard, insane, inhuman.


Ultimate Sudoku

Ultimate Sudoku.

Ultimate Sudoku - Sudoku game offering beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. When you highlight a field it shows the related fields & when you enter a number into a field it shows the other boxes using that number.


2048 Cuteness Edition

2048 Cuteness Edition.

2048 Cuteness Edition - Cute version of the popular math puzzle game 2048 where number pieces add together and double when scrolled together.


Stone Merge

Stone Merge.

Stone Merge - This game operates a somewhat similarly to 2048 with a few major differences. When numbers are ran together it adds one number to the stone versus doubling it. Stones at the top of the stack or stones with an empty slot next to them can be lifted up and then carried over and up or down to other stones of the matching number.


Connect Merge

Connect Merge.

Connect Merge - Game similar to 2048 where you can connect pieces up or down, left or right, or diagonally. Another big difference between this game and 2048 is you can connect more than 2 pieces at a time & when you do it will remove all other pieces except the end piece. When connecting multiple pieces together you double the value of the original number on a piece even if you connect 3, 4, or 5 pieces together. For example, if one connected the 3 32s in the middle column of this picture along with the 32 at the right side of the bottom then the resultant number would still be 64.




Tendo - Include dominoes pieces in blocks on the playing field to add any row or column to 10. When a column or row reaches exactly 10 the pieces are removed from that column or row.


Burn Matches

Burn Matches Game.

Burn Matches - Add and/or subtract matches as directed to solve equations in this 20-level game.




Reorder Numbers - Shuffleboard puzzle game where players place numbers in sequential numerical order on a 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5 grid.



Jigsaw Delux Puzzle

Jigsaw Delux Puzzle.

Jigsaw Delux Puzzle - Complete puzzles of cute animals using 16, 36, 64 or 100 pieces. Game features include optional background shadow highlighting as well as music.


Cartoon Puzzle

Cartoon Puzzle.

Cartoon Puzzle - Solve the default cartoon puzzle using 25, 49, or 100 puzzle pieces. You can also click on the camera option to select an image from your computer to turn into a puzzle. Additional cartoon puzzles can be acquired by using in-game points. Pieces can not be turned. The background does not show an outline of the puzzle, so you have to remember what it looks like or work from the edge pieces inward. Pieces automatically lock into place when they touch the correct ajoining piece.


Kids Puzzle

Kids Puzzle.

Kids Puzzle - Easy puzzle game for yong children where pieces do not need to be turned. The background shows where the pieces go and there are 6 colorful boards to choose from.


Kids Puzzle Adventures

Kids Puzzle Adventure.

Kids Puzzle Adventures - Simple puzzles offering 2 modes of difficulty, with both being quite easy as the puzzle's outline is shown in the background.


Puzzles for Kids

Puzzles for Kids.

Puzzles for Kids - Exceptionally easy puzzle game good for young children. Pieces do not spin. Players can select between animals and fruits.


Animal Matching Memory Game

Animal Memory Flashcard Game.

Animal Flashcard Matching Memory Game - Flip over hidden cards and match the animals.


Find the Differences

Find 7 Differences.

Find the Differences - Find differences between two side-by-side images.


Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy.

Human Anatomy - Interactive image showing human anatomy. Includes a cross-sectional torso view highlighting major blood vesels, larynex, thyroid, trachea, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, spleen, gallbladder, pancreas, large intestine, small intestine, bladder & appendix.


Learn Colors & Coloring

Cartoon Coloring Book

Cartoon Coloring Book.

Cartoon Coloring Book - Color in up to a dozen different easy-to-color pictures and take a picture of your resulting work when you are done.


Coloring Kids

Coloring Kids.

Coloring Kids - Color in drawings and print them out. The paint brush illustration is quite large and can cover over where one is painting if one uses a smaller brush size.


Customizable Coloring Book

Customizable Coloring Book.

Customizable Coloring Book - Color in an existing image or upload one of your own to color. Includes a color eye dropper, paint brush, paint bucket, and a variety of stamps. Sometimes color selection sticks & when that happens you can click on the star button twice to go back and re-select another color.


Tap the Right Color

Tap the Right Color.

Tap the Right Color - Speed based simple game which works well on mobile devices but is challenging on large desktop computers without touch inputs due to the speed requirement.


Quiz Games for Kids

Quiz Goose Science

Quiz Goose Science.

Quiz Goose Science - Science-based multiplayer quiz game offering a playing board where position movement is based on rolling a die & correctly answering science questions.


Funny Quiz Game

Funny Quiz.

Funny Quiz Game - Easy & short quiz game for middle school kids.


Physics Games



Archery - See how gravity and force impact the arch of an arrow in this simple game with stick men as targets.



Balance Game.

Balance - Shoot balls at either side of a balancing lever to collect coins, avoid bombs, shoot basketballs into a hoop, or complete other simple tasks.


Ball in the Cup

Ball in the Cup.

Ball in the Cup - Move blocks, wedges, fans and magnets in order to roll a ball into a cup. The artwork for this 20-level game is beautifully hand drawn. Most levels are quite simple. The above picture shows the final level.


Blue Story

Blue Story.

Blue Story - 15-level game where players move items to get a blue box to fall onto a blue ledge without touching the ground. The first 14 levels are quite easy, but the last level is quite challenging. To beat level 15 you need to make the lever stronger by increasing its range of motion. Remove the middle of 3 brown wooden planks in the bottom area, then after it stabilizes remove the bottom plank, then the pink boxes on each side. After that you drop the plank at the very top of the page then quickly remove the yellow box which is sitting above the blue box. When the yellow box from the top falls down this causes the right side of the lever to fall & the blue box flies across to the blue bar.


Boxes Physic

Boxes Physic.

Boxes Physic - 32-level game where players must quickly remove all green boxes from the screen by breaking boxes or shooting other items at them. The speed of each level makes the game quite challenging, particularly as some functions need to be done in rapid succession while avoiding other moving parts of the playing field.




Engineerio - Move the red ball to the green target by moving supports and timing moving planks in this challenging 30-level game.


Games for Preschoolers

ABC Alphabet Game

ABC Alphabet Game.

ABC Alphabet Game - View the alphabet, one letter at a time, or match letters with their shadows.


What's That Animal

What's That Animal.

Games for Children - Students match the name of an animal to one of three animals pictured.


Preschool Games Pro

Preschool Games Pro.

Preschool Games Pro - Game which teaches students colors, animals and geometry basics. This game teaches students shape names , matching shapes, color names, matching colors, animal names & matching animals. It is playable in English & Indonesian.


Games for Children

Games for Children.

Games for Children - Students learn to count how many fruits there are in a picture, match shapes, and place items which begin with a letter in a container. This game takes a bit of time to load on the initial play.


Baby Boom

Baby Boom.

Baby Boom - Count objects, match colors to their words, match animals with foods they eat, and match items with their shadows.


Can I Eat It?

Can I Eat It.

Can I Eat It? - Click yes or no if an item is edible or inedible.


Sea Animal

Sea Animal.

Sea Animal - Simple game where children learn to identify sea animals including dolphins, crabs, octopus and starfish.


Word-related Games

Typing Games

Zombie Typing

Zombie Typing.

Zombie Typing - Fight off zombies by quickly & correctly spelling words. Each zombie is associated with a word & they come in waves that get progressively harder and faster


Type Furious


Type Furious - Type words as they enter the left side of the screen before they reach the right edge. Players get 3 lives and can use the backspace to correct errors. Words may include a capitalized letter or an apostrophe.


Word Search Games



Waffle - Word finding game with options available in English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Italiano & Portugues.


Multilingual Word Search

Word Search.

Word Search - Word search game available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Players can select between fruits, vegetables, music, animals, countries and computers.


Word Search Game for Kids

Word Search Game for Kids.

Word Search Game for Kids - Colorful game for young children with 5 easy levels.


Word Up

Word Up.

Word Up - Players are given 2 minutes to find words. In each level some letters are golden, which give extra points when they are used. Letters which are used need not appear adjacent & can appear anywhere on the playing board.


Word Search Premium

Word Search Premium.

Word Search Preimum - Traditional word find game where words can appear across, down, diaganol or reverse.


Capital City Word Finder

Capital City Word FInd.

Capital City Word Finder - Find the names of the capital cities of North America and South America countries based on the name of the country in this word find game.




Crossword Puzzle.

Crossword - Mobile responsive crossword puzzle game leveraging HTML5 canvas and material design elements for a clean cross-platform user experience. Provides result check, hint, and completion features. This game also features a crossword puzzle generator which can be used to create custom crosswords.



HTML5 Crossword Puzzle.

HTML5 - Crossword puzzle for web designers & developers which includes web-related technologies like scripting languages, operating systems & web browsers. The game is playable online. It is also printable as both a blank puzzle with instructions as well as with the answers filled in.


Word Cross

Word Cross.

Word Cross - Connect the letters at the bottom of the screen to create words which appear in the mini crossword puzzle above. Each word can only appear once per puzzle.


Word Puzzles

Word Wood

Word Wood.

Word Wood - Scroll over wooden letters to spell out words in the correct order.


Word Puzzle

Word Puzzle.

Word Puzzle - Reorganize letters to create words. Game play offers hundreds of levels across the following categories: 3-letter words, 4-letter words, 5-letter words, 6-letter words, animal, weather & body.


Snowman Challenge

Snowman Challenge.

Snowman Challenge - Build Frosty the Snowman by solving the correct letters for 25 hidden words. Some levels are single words while others are 2-word phrases.




Association - Use a list of letters to spell out what 4 images have in common.


Rearrange Letters 2

Rearrange Letters 2.

Rearrange Letters 2 - Create compound words based on the letters associated with two pictures, put words from famous quotes in order, and organize the letters or words in the names of famous movies.