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Mass Conversion Instructions

  1. Select one of the following 5 weight categories: metric, troy, avoirdupois, apothecaries, other units
  2. Select the specific type of unit you would like to convert from in that section
  3. Enter tne number of units you wish to convert
  4. Click "Calculate"
  5. Scroll up or down the page to the desired unit you wanted the weight/mass converted into

Convert From...

  • Metric Weight: convert FROM micrograms, milligrams, centigrams, decigrams, grams, dekagrams, hectograms, kilograms and megagrams (metric tons) TO any other weight
  • Troy Weight: convert FROM grains, pennyweight, ounces and pounds TO any other weight
  • Avoirdupois Mass: convert FROM grains, drams, ounces, pounds, short hundredweights, short tons, long hunredweights and long tons TO any other weight
  • Apothecaries Mass: convert FROM grains, scruples, drams, ounces and pounds TO any other weight
  • Other Units: convert FROM carats or gammas TO any other weight

Metric Units of Weight

Convert From
Rounded to decimals

gram (gm)
microgram (µg)
milligram (mg)
centigram (cg)
decigram (dg)
dekagram (dag)
hectogram (hg)
kilogram (kg)
megagram (ton) (Mg or t)

Troy Units of Mass/Weight

Convert From

pennyweight (dwt)
ounce (oz t)
pound (lb t)

Avoirdupois Units of Mass

Convert From

dram (dr avdp)
ounce (oz avdp)
pound (lb avdp)
short hundredweight (cwt)
short ton
long hundredweight (gross cwt)
long ton

Apothecaries Units of Mass

Convert From

scruple (s ap)
dram (dr ap)
ounce (oz ap)
pound (lb ap)

Other Units of Weight / Mass

Convert From

carat (c)
gamma (y)