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Our Team

Gio Marie

My name is Gio Marie and this site is a reflection of my passion for computers, teaching, and simplicity.

In my daily life, I teach people - from kids through seniors - how to use computers. I was lucky enough to get a PC in 1992, and since then I've stayed abreast of every computing development (my favorite being the Internet, of course).

Other than being a computer nerd, I like video games, photography, Adobe Photoshop and am also an avid pen collector. My favorite pens are vintage fountain pens from Mont Blanc and some of the limited run Omas pens. I tried to make this picture from a recent pen show look like a picture might appear in a newspaper. :)

I wrote & published most of the articles on this site, so any errors are my own. Please contact me using the email address shared below if you have any suggestions for how to improve the site.

What We Offer

What I've learned through my work is that people are afraid of what they don't know: technology, math, medical name it. A senior with heart disease may not know the risk factors for that particular medical condition. A prospective retiree might not know how to calculate interest on their various loans. A college freshman might be wary of integrals.

While all of these situations are different, they share two important characteristics: they can cause anxiety for the individual and, often, this anxiety can be reduced by using technology.

Since they tell you the input they need, helping you map out what you need to know, calculators can check your work and confirm your answer, relieving some of your anxiety.  Calculators are simple tools that can simplify your life.

I built this site because I want to create a collection of some of the best calculators available online, categorize them, and offer them to you so that you can find the answers you seek. It's a great way to help teachers, students, parents, grandparents, and everyone in between make their daily lives a bit simpler!

The site should work well cross-platform as it uses a responsive web design.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to my aunt Theresa, who has offered invaluable feedback on improving the site.

Need Help? Have Feedback?

Do you have any questions, comments, or feedback? Please contact us by emailing mail@ our domain name. If you have an idea for a calculator you'd like to see me add, please do send that feedback along as well. I like to add new calculators every month, and I'll try to keep that turnaround time to under a month if I really like the idea.

Thank You!

Thank you for visiting my site and supporting it.

This site is widely referenced by educational institutions, bloggers, web guides and has recieved coverage in numerous popular news publications like CBS, Forbes, The Motley Fool & the Poynter Institute's Politifact.

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Thank you for using our site! If you like it, please share it with others. :)

We are also active on Pinterest if you want to follow us there.

Privacy & Ads Policy

This website does not sell user data.

After running this site ad-free for 3 years I decided to test carrying responsive ads to see how much they would earn & if that would allow me to invest further into growing the site. I still work hard on the site, but it has not earned enough to quit working my regular job, though gladly I do now cover the hosting bill & cost of licensing images, having a friend help with the site, and such.

If the site keeps growing for another year or two I should hopefully have recouped the cost of the domain name too. That said, as the site earns I keep spending on improving content quality and adding features to the site, so recouping everything is a moving target, but I do enjoy improving this site and the tiny contribution it makes to the broader web.

Initially I tested carrying Amazon ads, but for whatever reason they seemed not to be a great fit. Even on our weight loss calculator ads which highlighted useful products I recommend myself like Fitbit or books like Salt, Sugar, Fat or The Power of Habit did not earn much. Amazon's privacy policy is here, but I don't think I have their ads on the site anywhere anymore.

I then tested using a programmatic ad network named Clickio after they reached out to me. Their privacy policy is here. Their display ads have a couple interesting features:


Mobile vs Desktop Units: They allow you to set up mobile & desktop ad units, then only trigger one or the other based on the end user's device. As of right now most pages on our site only show an ad in the right rail sidebar of the desktop version of the site.



Header Bidding: They offer a header bidding feature which enables ad retargeters and other programmatic advertisers to bid for placement based on the user prior to the page loading.



Dynamic Ad Reloading: Ad networks they are partnered with like Google have limits on how many ads can be displayed on a page. Clickio offers a feature which enables new & related ads to reload as readers scroll through an article, which makes it easier to monetize some of the longform articles I have published instead of publishing many short articles. For now we do not have display ads in the body content section of most pages of the site.



Sticky Ads: Ads in the right sidebar on desktop computers can be made sticky, to where they scroll with the page to stay in view as the user scrolls down below the initial "above the fold" section of the page.


We have also partnered with Brown Bag Media, a leading rate aggregation network, offering access to their rich network of financial services providers to our readers. This enables a person who is considering obtaining a CD, shopping for a car, or buying a home to see what current rates are in their area while they estimate their financial returns on investments or monthly loan payments. Brown Bag's privacy policy is published here. The rate tables are only shown above the fold in the content area of the page on the business & finance sections of the site. Some other sections of the site either have a content recommendation ad unit near the bottom of the pages or do not carry any ads whatsoever.

We may receive compensation when our visitors interact with any ads on our website. Different ad networks have different policies. Some sell ads on a cost per click basis, while others might price on a cost per thousand impressions or a cost per lead basis. We do not have any impact on the ranking or criteria of service providers syndicated in rate tables on our website.

We recently added a video player from Primis. They run a video discovery platform which adds relevant video content to some pages of our website. By default sound is off in the video player. The professionally produced content comes from sources like Bloomberg & Cheddar. In between segments they periodically run ads for which they earn on a CPM basis and share some of the ad revenues with our site. Their privacy policy is published here.

Beyond integrating ads on limited number of pages, the only ways in which users are tracked are as follows:

  • If someone emails us, we receive whatever they email.
  • We have Clicky web analytics installed to monitor site usage and provide feedback on which calculators are most popular, so we can put more effort into improving the parts of the site used most heavily and see where users are having trouble with the layout, format, or functionality of the site.
  • We have social sharing buttons from networks like Pinterest on the site. Some of these social sites may track users for refining their relevancy algorithms and improving ad targeting on their sites.
  • Some web-related companies like Microsoft and Google may track user behavior in their web browsers to personalize results. But there is really nothing we can do about this as a web publisher other than recommend you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser as your default browser & verify you are set to share as little data as needed with the big web companies.

Any future changes to this policy will appear on

Detailed Cookie Policy

Like most websites, this site uses cookies.

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer by your browser. They're used for many things, such as remembering whether you've visited the site before, so that you remain logged in - or to help us work out how many new website visitors we get each month. They contain information about the use of your computer but don't include personal information about you (they don't store your name, for instance).

This policy explains how cookies are used on websites created by Sizzle Creative Agency - and, below, how you can control the cookies that may be used on this site (not all of them are used on every site).

About this Cookie policy

This Cookie Policy applies to all of our websites and our mobile applications ("the Website").

In this Cookie Policy, when we refer to any of our Websites, we mean any website or mobile application created or operated by or on behalf of Sizzle Creative Agency, regardless of how you access the network.

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Any changes to this policy will be posted here. We reserve the right to vary this Cookie Policy from time to time and such changes shall become effective as soon as they are posted. Your continued use of the Website constitutes your agreement to all such changes.

Our use of cookies

We may collect information automatically when you visit the Website, using cookies.

The cookies allow us to identify your computer and find out details about your last visit.

You can choose, below, not to allow cookies. If you do, we can't guarantee that your experience with the Website will be as good as if you do allow cookies.

The information collected by cookies does not personally identify you; it includes general information about your computer settings, your connection to the Internet e.g. operating system and platform, IP address, your browsing patterns and timings of browsing on the Website and your location.

Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can change the settings of your browser to erase cookies or prevent automatic acceptance if you prefer.

These links explain how you can control cookies via your browser - remember that if you turn off cookies in your browser then these settings apply to all websites not just this one:

Types of cookie that may be used during your visit to the Website:

The following types of cookie are used on this site. We don't list every single cookie used by name - but for each type of cookie we tell you how you can control its use.

Personalisation cookies

These cookies are used to recognise repeat visitors to the Website and in conjunction with other information we hold to attempt to record specific browsing information (that is, about the way you arrive at the Website, pages you view, options you select, information you enter and the path you take through the Website). These are used to recommend content we think you'll be interested in based on what you've looked at before.

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These monitor how visitors move around the Website and how they reached it. This is used so that we can see total (not individual) figures on which types of content users enjoy most, for instance.

You can opt out of these if you want:

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Here is a list of places where you can find out more about specific services that we may use and their use of cookies:

Site management cookies

These are used to maintain your identity or session on the Website. For instance, where our websites run on more than one server, we use a cookie to ensure that you are sent information by one specific server (otherwise you may log in or out unexpectedly). We may use similar cookies when you vote in opinion polls to ensure that you can only vote once, and to ensure that you can use our commenting functionality when not logged in (to ensure you don't see comments you've reported as abusive, for instance, or don't vote comments up/down more than once).

These cookies cannot be turned off individually but you could change your browser setting to refuse all cookies (see above) if you do not wish to accept them.