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This section lists our business calcualtors. We are constantly adding new calculators to our site & the menu to the right highlights our current business calculator collection. Located below is a selection of some of the best business-related calculators from around the web.

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  • Value-Added Tax Calculator - Determine a product's price and the exact VAT at various rates in different countries.
  • Best Tax Back UK - Simple and quick U.K. tax calculator to determine your end-of-year tax obligations.
  • Best Tax Back Basic and Advanced VAT Calculator - Use the basic VAT calculator to figure out how much VAT to charge or that you were charged. Use the advanced calculator for different VAT rates.
  • Sales Taxes in Canada - Figure out the price of goods and services after sales taxes in your province.
  • Sales Taxes in the USA - Calculate the price of an item after state and local sales taxes in your area.
  • Australian GST Calculator - Determine an item's price after the Australian Goods and Services Tax.
  • Free Cash Flow to Firm (FCFF) Calculator - Using operating cash flow, expenses, taxes, and changes in working capital and investments, this calculator quantifies businesses' free cash flow.
  • Break-Even Calculator - Input your fixed and variable costs, expected sales, and unit price to see your break-even number of units, break-even price, and profit.
  • Return on Equity (DuPont Model) - Determine ROE based on the three critical performance metrics of the DuPont analysis: operating management, capital structure, and asset management.
  • Retail Sales/Mark-Up Calculator - Enter the cost of goods sold, retail sales price, and markup/mark-down to determine the markup/mark-down and profit margin percentage.
  • Financial Ratios - Calculate 11 different profitability, liquidity, and debt ratios by entering your assets, liabilities, sales, and operating income.
  • Current Cash Flow Calculator - Determine your net cash flow by entering information on your operating, investing, and financing activities.
  • Leverage Ratios Calculator - This calculator will show your degrees of operating leverage, financial leverage, and total leverage based on five pieces of initial data.
  • Stock Valuation (with DCF model) - Input five variables to see share value based on the discounted cash flow model.
  • DerivaPro Pricing Tool - Use this online options pricing calculator to see call and put values based on six variables.
  • Business Valuation in Excel - Download this tool that projects the discounted present value of a future stream of expected expenses and revenues.
  • Equipment Lease Affordability Calculator - Based on the lease rate, residual amount, and other variables, this calculator will tell you how much you can afford to lease.
  • Equipment Lease Payment Calculator - Figure out how much it will cost to lease equipment with this simple tool.
  • Equipment Lease Rate Calculator - Determine your lease rate by entering the lease amount, residual amount, and a few other basic variables.
  • Equipment Lease Residual Calculator - This calculator computes what you will pay if you decide to purchase your leased equipment when the agreement expires.
  • Borrowing Power Calculator - Using income, expenses, and loan information, this calculator shows what you can borrow and what your total monthly repayments will be.
  • Rent vs. Buy Calculator - Compare the financial consequences of renting a home versus buying one.
  • Balance Sheet Calculator - Enter assets and liabilities information to reveal your total current assets and total current liabilities as well as your liquidity ratio.
  • Profit and Loss Calculator - Calculate gross profit/loss, total expenses, and net profit/loss for a business.
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  • Depreciation Calculator - Determine the depreciation of an asset over a specific number of years with the reducing balance or straight-line methods.
  • Marketing Calculator - Approximates the return on investment for various marketing campaigns (e.g., direct mail).
  • Profit Calculator - Enter your fixed and variable costs and expected price and sales to see the point at which your product will generate a profit.
  • Business Value Calculator - Estimates the value of a business based on factors like market, products, sales visibility, and more.
  • Car Benefit Calculator - Calculates the value of a car fringe benefit within a salary package.
  • Financial Programmable Calculator - An electronic version of a handheld financial calculator. Includes legend describing each key's function.
  • Financial Calendar Calculator - Performs financial calculations based on different interest rates, dates, and time periods.
  • Working Capital Needs - Input four variables to determine next year's working capital needs, or what you need to satisfy short-term obligations.
  • Repossession of Real Property - Determines the gain or loss on property you have repossessed after accounting for the cost of doing so.
  • Repossession of Personal Property from an Installment Payment Sale - Determines the gain or loss on repossessed personal property with installment payments.
  • Repossession of Personal Property from a Deferred Payment Sale - Determines the gain or loss on repossessed personal property from a deferred payment sale.
  • Profit Margin Calculator - Calculate the requisite sales price to achieve your desired profit margin with wholesale cost, markup percentage, and gross margin percentage.
  • Like Kind Exchange - Calculates the recognized gain and basis of property received in exchange for property of the same nature or character.
  • Inventory Analysis - Helps keep your inventory level both efficient and safe by calculating how much inventory you need and when you should order more.
  • Financial Ratios - Shows ten different financial ratios that can identify problem areas in your business, such as profitability and solvency.
  • Equipment Buy vs. Lease - Determine if leasing or buying is a better value for you by figuring out your monthly payments and total net cost.
  • Business Debt Consolidation Calculator - Enter the amounts of your credit card, credit line, and/or loan debt to determine what the monthly payments would be on a debt consolidation loan.
  • Breakeven Analysis - Shows how many units of product you must sell to turn a profit.
  • Breakeven Analysis - Find the point at which your product becomes profitable and view a graph showing the profit generated at various levels of sales volume.
  • Cash Flow Improvement Calculator - Manipulate different variables, such as reducing overhead or cost of sales, to see how the changes affect your cash flow.
  • Business Loan Repayment Calculator - See what monthly payments you need to make to repay your business loan by a certain date and how much you'll pay in interest.
  • Equipment Finance Repayment Calculator - Enter the terms of your equipment loan or lease to determine your monthly payments and total amount payable.
  • Startup Cost Calculator - Enter your initial expenses and assets to determine how much it will cost to start your business.
  • Website Conversion Rate Calculator - See how metrics like total orders and sales improve based on your information as conversion rates rise.



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