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Distance Conversion Instructions

  1. Select one of the following 3 length categories: metric, British/Amercian, nautical
  2. Select the specific type of unit you would like to convert from in that section
  3. Enter tne number of units you wish to convert
  4. Click "Calculate"
  5. Scroll up or down the page to the desired unit you wanted the distance converted into

Convert From...

  • Metric: convert FROM micrometers, millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters, dekameters, hectometers, kilometers and Angstroms TO any other length
  • British/American: convert FROM inches, feet, yards, rods/poles.perches, chains, furlongs, miles, hands, and mils TO any other length
  • Nautical: convert FROM cabel length, fathoms, nautical leagues, and nautical miles TO any other length

Metric Units of Length or Distance

Convert From
Rounded to decimals

Meter m
Micrometer µm
Millimeter mm
Centimeter cm
Decimeter dm
Dekameter dam
Hectometer hm
Kilometer km
Angstrom Å

British & American Units of Length

Convert From

Inch in
Foot ft
Yard yd
Rod/pole/perch rd
Chain ch
Furlong fur
Mile mi
Hand hands
Mil mil

Sea, or Nautical Units of Distance

Convert From

Cable length cable
Fathom fath
Nautical league
Nautical mile nmi