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Newton's Cradle.


Classical mechanics, as the study of the motion of bodies – including those at rest - is the foundation for all other branches of physics.  Mastering its principles and calculations is vital not just for studying physics but also for understanding phenomena in the natural world.  Classical mechanics includes translational, rotational, oscillatory, and circular motion; this guide has offerings for studying each of these types of motion.


  •'s Acceleration – SmartConversion offers a fast, easy way to compute the acceleration of a moving object. The site not only provides a formula, but also finds acceleration instantly. 
  • Constant Acceleration Formulas and Equations – Overwhelmed with Physics? This site contains all the formulas you need to compute acceleration, velocity, displacement, and much more. Having all the equations you need handy in one place makes this site an essential tool.
  •'s Acceleration – Need sample acceleration problems? This site offers some of the best problems to test your skills and master acceleration.
  • EasyCalculation Average Acceleration – EasyCalculation stays true to its name by providing an easy way to compute average acceleration. Simply key in the initial and final velocity, and initial and final time, and get the answer with just a click of your mouse.
  • Uniform Accelerated Motion – Compute uniform accelerated motion, uniform circular motion and much more. It offers the purpose of use of such mathematical computations, giving readers an understanding of purpose when answering physics problems.
  • EngineeringToolbox Acceleration – EngineeringToolbox makes it easy to understand the concept of acceleration by using real-life motorcycle examples, with real-life applications.
  • Tutor4Physics Calculator Collection – The collection on this site is perfect for students studying independently.
  • Acceleration Calculator – Need to estimate acceleration G forces? Try this, and enjoy learning physics for free.
  • Centripetal Acceleration – Centripetal acceleration may be a bit daunting for some students, but believe it or not, this site makes the process very easy. Enter the values and you'll get accurate results in no time.
  • Acceleration Calculator from Calkoo – Doing one's physics homework becomes a breeze with this simple tool focused on acceleration.
  • Artificial Gravity - SpinCalc is an artificial-gravity JavaScript calculation tool.


  • Ballistics Resource from Hornady – New and improved, this offers both basic and advanced features. It allows you to customize your shooting environment, giving you an accurate measure of any given situation.
  • Federal Premium Ballistics Calculator – If you want to quickly determine the trajectory of any type of gun, then this site is for you. Simply enter the values to get accurate results. You can even save your data and view it anytime you like.
  • Brunton Hunting Ballistics Tool – The site offers a dropdown list of bullet types, so you can quickly make the selection. Key in the other values and get your ballistics information quickly.
  • G7 Flash Ballistics – The best part about this site is the language offerings (English, German, Italian, and French). It also stresses the importance of care and responsibility when using a gun.
  • External Ballistics Tool – This particular site focuses on external ballistics, taking into account wind direction, elevation, and angles. This site is essential for those who plan to shoot outdoors.
  • Applied Ballistics Calculator – Takes the properties of your gun and bullet into account. Perfect for both beginners and experts.


  • Planet Calc's Buoyant Force - Offers the formula to compute buoyant force and weight of the liquid displaced. You can also quickly check whether your computation is correct.
  • TutorVista's Buoyancy - If you're having trouble understanding the concept of buoyancy, this site is for you. It offers a detailed explanation of the concept, a buoyancy tool to help you compute, and example problems to test your skills.
  • Buoyant Force in Tons or Pounds - A simple site with an easy to use buoyancy tool; a must-have for every physics student.

Centrifugal Force

  • Keisan's Uniform Circular Motion - This resource lets you compute the centrifugal force and tangential velocity from the angular rate. It also includes a purpose of use so students can better appreciate the concept and apply it in real life situations.
  • EndMemo's Conversion Widget - Physics, Chemistry, Biology - you name it! Everything about Science can be found on this site, with easy conversions from one property to another.
  • Centrifugal Force and Speed - Another easy way to compute centrifugal force and speed. Bookmark this site and make your life easy.

Centripetal Force

  • Centripetal Force Tutorial - A simple tutorial on centripetal force makes this site essential for students. It also includes circular velocity, centripetal acceleration and many other science and math tools.
  • HyperPhysics Centripetal Force - Having a hard time understanding the basics of centripetal force? This site offers formulas, calculators and step-by-step illustrated descriptions for easy learning.
  • UnitConversion's free online resource makes converting between watts and horsepowers super easy! Simply type the value in the box and the result will appear automatically in the next box.
  • Newton-meters to RPMs - If torque to horsepower conversion interests you, then this site is the place to be! This resource also has finance and math calculators, and many other unit conversion tools.
  • Guide to Going From RPM to Newton-meters - Want to convert horsepower to torque, and know the right equations to use? Check out this site as it offers a detailed conversion explanation.
  • Joules to KgF*M - Take advantage of this free online aid that converts between joules and kilogram-force meters. This site also offers an instant categories and units search for your convenience.
  • OnlineConversion's Torque Conversions - With a dropdown menu at your disposal for unit selection, the one is quick and easy.
  • TutorVista's Centripetal Force - This is a handy tool for solving science problems involving centripetal force calculations. Detailed explanations and example problems make this site a stand-out.
  • Force & Acceleration Guide - Everything you need to know about centripetal and centrifugal force and acceleration can be found on this site. Perfect for both students and educators.
  • All About Circular Motion - Provides various equations for solving centripetal acceleration and circular velocity. It offers an essential tool for solving different unknowns.
  • MeraCalculator is your site of choice for solving various Math and Science problems. Its centripetal force tool can greatly assist any student.


  • Kinetic Energy Loss - Learn more about inelastic collision and how to compute the kinetic energy lost. The site also discusses the various collision concepts in an easy-to-understand format.
  • 1-D Elastic Collisions - Various equations and examples on the one-dimensional collision of two masses can be found on this site. It offers easy understanding on what may otherwise be a difficult concept for students.
  • Watch Momentum Be Conserved - Students can easily determine the mass or velocity after a collision. Students will love the site's simplistic approach to solving equations.
  • This Inelastic Collision Tutorial makes it easy! Students will also find unit conversions, nutrition of food, and various math and science tools.
  • EasyCalculation stays true to its name by providing a simple way to compute velocity after an elastic collision. Simple, accurate, fast and easy - these are the things that make this site a popular choice among students.
  • Planetary Collisions - Have you ever wondered about the outcome of collisions between gravity-dominated bodies? Quench your thirst for planetary collision by checking this out.


  • Bored with unit conversions? Don't be! PhysLink provides various tools to make this topic come to life.
  • GordonEngland is the website to visit if you're looking for conversion calculators for various units of measurements sorted based on physical property/concept.
  • Units converters - from A to Z, they can all be found here. You can use the tool online or download the database as a file.
  • DigitalDutch Mass Converter - Ease of use and convenience make this unit converter valuable for every student. Pick your choice of unit to convert and get your answer quickly.
  • HyperPhysics - Simply enter the numbers in your box of choice and press enter to obtain an accurate answer.
  • AskNumbers - Each unit conversion category offers a brief description and a basic understand of each unit. This site is for individuals who want to gain an understanding of metric conversion tables and charts.
  • OnlineConversion has all the common speed conversions you need. Place the value in the box, choose from the dropdown menu, and press convert.
  • Distance Conversions - Length and distance conversions made easy! The site explains the different processes and offers references for further reading.
  • Metric Units Conversions - Convert metric units and refer to the metric conversion table.
  • Cleavebooks also offers a dictionary of units and a calculator menu for interested readers, alongside a means to convert units of speed, this is your site.
  • Force Conversions - Learn how to convert units of force by paying this site a quick visit.
  • Different Units of Force - Cleavebooks offers a simple way to convert units of force. Have your values ready, and get the answers you need with the click of your mouse.
  • ForceConversion - This free force converter is definitely a must have tool for students. Have this site close by when you're working on your homework.
  • Watts to Horsepower - Everything you need to know about power conversions can be found on this site. In addition to its conversion calculator, this resource also has various conversion equations and a conversion table at your disposal.
  • RapidTables - Visit this site to learn more about converting horsepower to kilowatts. Use the free conversion tool and check out the equations and conversion tables available.
  • Torque units conversion calculator - Here's one for you that's simple and easy to use.
  • Mountz Torque Conversion - Having trouble finding the right torque conversion tool? Look no further as this site has a calculator, international torque measuring systems, and an interactive torque tool selector.
  • Conversions on Torque - As long as you have the values, torque conversions can be as fast as you want them to.
  • Converting from Newton-meters - A torque definition plus a calculator will give students a better understanding of the torque concept. Also provided: an index of unit converters, making it a one-stop destination for different types of conversion tools.


  • - Estimate the G-forces under braking by keying in the initial speed, final speed, and the time elapsed in seconds.


  • SmartConversion on Density - This tool comes in handy when you need to determine the density of an object.
  • Everything About Density - This site has it all to compute the density of a given object, including a table of common density units and a table of the density of common materials like iron, copper, and gold among others.
  • Density, with Significant Figures - Need help solving density, mass and volume? Here, you will find equations and a brief explanation for each.
  • AJDesigner - The site provides the density equations you'll need to solve for a different unknown along with many other physics and math tools.
  • BlueGrace - Do you need to ship an item and want to determine the shipping class? Simply enter the dimensions and weight of your shipment and arrive at the classification of your shipment.
  • Weight of Water - This site offers a tool to determine the weight of gallons of water in 9 different units. You can also compute for the volume, mass, and density of an object.
  • Density Breakdown - Add this to your list of helpful physics resources. Its simplistic format finds the density of an object quickly.
  • Density for Logistics - Perfect for those who need to make a shipment: just enter the length, width, height and weight of the object and the tool will provide you with the density.


Homework Cartoon.

Falling Object/Free Fall

  • Applying Universal Gravitation - Work on various gravity calculations and practice your skills.
  • Free Falls - Want to know how fast you're moving after falling a certain distance? Here, you can determine your free fall speed just for fun.
  • Free Fall (Distance and Velocity) - Curious about the free fall distance and velocity of an object from the free fall time? Fill in the boxes and get an accurate measure considering the absence of air resistance.
  • Free Fall with Air Resistance - Learn how to compute the free fall time and velocity with air resistance from the free fall distance. Read the comments on the site and discover real-life applications.
  • Essentials of Constant Acceleration - Explains constant acceleration, free fall and horizontal trajectory in an easy-to-understand format. It also offers a tool that you can use to solve various unknowns.
  • Properties of Free Fall - Calculate free fall, distance or speed. Use this resource when working on your Physics homework so you'll be sure to get the right answers.
  • Speed of a Falling Object - Swiftutors has the tools and example problems you need to accurately gauge the speed of a falling object.
  • Gravity Acceleration - What is gravity acceleration, and how does one determine its speed? This site will tell you everything you need to know.
  • Step-by-step guide to calculate free fall - The site also has problems so you can test your skills and level of expertise in free fall calculations.
  • Free fall from a specified height - Find equations and a brief explanation, so you can solve free fall problems accurately.
  • Free Fall – A simple, no-frills tool.
  • Free Fall Calculator - Use your imagination and pretend you're throwing objects from a cliff. Then use this online tool to determine the speed of the object as it hits the ground.


  • Newton's Second Law of Motion - Here's a force, mass, and acceleration tool right at your fingertips. There's also an equation to guide understanding of the topic.
  • Newton's Second Law with One Unknown - Learn how to determine force, mass or acceleration.
  • Simple Force - This resource explains force calculation, provides an equation, and also offers a calculator for fast solutions.
  • Smartconversion on Force - Looking for Newton's force equation? Check out this site and determine any unknowns fast and easy.
  • EndMemo's F=MA - Offers an equation and a calculator, to help you solve for force, mass and acceleration quickly and accurately.
  • Force Equations Formulas - Visit this site to see the different force equations that you can use to solve for varying unknowns. This is definitely a must-have tool for every physics student.
  • Gravitational Force - Get the hang of learning physics with this resource. There's a user's guide that can be a big help in understanding the concept of gravitational force.
  • More About Force - While most sites simply provide an equation, this particular resource offers a step-by-step guide on how to find the force of a given object. Example problems further reinforce the concept by testing your skills.
  • Law of Gravitation - Having trouble understanding Newton's law of gravitation? This resource will guide you in the right direction.


  • Kinetic Friction - Let this kinetic friction tool help you with your physics homework. The site has all the equations you need to solve for any unknown fast and easy.
  • Fun with Friction - What is friction, and how do you find the friction between any two surfaces? Click this site to find out.
  • Friction with Unknowns - AJDesigner provides friction equations and formulas for solving different unknowns.
  • Everything About Kinetic Friction - This resource has tools to help solve for kinetic friction, kinetic frictional force, and force. Use the equations provided and practice solving various problems.
  • Kinetic friction made easy” - best describes this resource. The site offers a tool and formula, to help you accurately determine the force between two objects that are moving relative to each other.
  • Kinetic Friction - Find the kinetic friction between two objects with the help of this online resource. The easy-to-use tool combined with formulas and example problems makes this site an excellent physics tool.
  • Dynamic Friction - Try your hand at solving kinetic friction. Here, you'll find an easy way to solve kinetic friction complete with a detailed explanation on how to arrive at the correct answer.
  • Kinetic Friction Coefficient Basics - All you need to do is enter the coefficient of kinetic friction and normal force in the appropriate boxes to get the correct kinetic friction. The site is an essential resource for math and science students.
  • Using Kinetic Friction - Offers a no sweat solution to determine kinetic frictional force, kinetic friction coefficient, and force. Physics becomes a breeze when you have this on your side!


  • Law of Gravity Equations and Visual Calculators - Helps you to determine the force of gravity acting on a variety of masses over a range of distances. The equations and formulas provided aim to give you a better understanding of Newton's Law of Gravity.
  • Gravity Equations Formulas – All of the basic gravity-associated equations as well as fields to enter your data to figure out unknowns.
  • Newton's Law - This site is essentially a Newton's Law of Gravity calculator. It computes for different unknowns, and also offers the necessary equations you need.
  • Bodies in Space - Studying astronomical bodies? This resource provides a gravity tool for astronomical bodies based on radius and density that may come in handy in your research.
  • On Gravitation - Consider this resource as your helpful online tutor, providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to solve for gravitational force. Then test your skills by answering the example problems, and you'll be sure to ace that next physics quiz.
  • Weight & Force - Searching for the perfect weight/force and mass gravity calculator on the web? Check out this tool that's fast and easy to use.
  • Theoretical Gravitational Acceleration - Offers a tool that can accurately compute the theoretical acceleration due to gravity at a certain location. What's great about this site is that it explains the concept in detail while providing site visitors the opportunity to ask questions.


  • Horsepower Conversions - Calculate horsepower or convert between different power units with the use of this helpful resource.
  • Engine Motor Horsepower - Now you can estimate your engine motor horsepower from the time elapsed. Simply enter the values, and use the chart to study the results.
  • Horsepower Output - Easily compute for horsepower output based on torque and RPM using this resource.
  • More Horsepower Conversions - Convert from horsepower to kilowatts and vice versa. Other essential tools such as the breakeven and tool life durations are offered as well.
  • Horsepower: Find the Unknown - Determine horsepower, automotive torque, or revolutions per minute. As long as you have 2 of these 3 variables, the tool will compute the 3rd variable for you accurately.
  • Horsepower for Cars - Planning to buy a car but need some information about it first? Use this resource to find the horsepower based on the car model, vehicle weight with driver, and the quarter mile time.


  • Impact Force - Curious about the impact force from a falling object? Use this tool to determine the impact force, and many other values related to it.
  • More About Impact Force - Need to solve for force, mass, velocity of impact, or time? If so, this is an essential impact force resource as it provides step-by-step explanations and example problems for better understanding of the concept.


  • Uniform Acceleration - Find all the equations you need to solve for uniform acceleration. The tool calculates any unknown accurately, so you can finish your homework in no time.
  • Kinematics Solver - Looking for the perfect kinematic equations calculator? This is the solution.
  • How to Solve Kinematics - What is a kinematics calculator for? This resource explains in detail all you need to know about kinematics equations and determine which equation to use for a particular kinematics problem.
  • Kinematics & Dynamics - Learn and understand kinematics and dynamics without breaking a sweat. This site offers tools to determine gravity, motion on an inclined plane, rocket motion, and many more.
  • Kinematics Velocity - It's easy to calculate kinematics velocity if you have the given acceleration, displacement, and initial velocity values. Use this tool to arrive at the answer quickly.
  • Distance in Kinematics - This free online tool helps you quickly solve for kinematic displacement/distance. Simply enter the given velocity, acceleration and time, and you have the answer.


  • Lever Mechanical Advantage - Use this to your advantage when determining the amount of force required for equilibrium with the known forces and length. Learn how to calculate the mechanical advantage in a lever, wheel and axle, pulley, wedge, screw and other simple machines by using this formula.
  • Basic Mechanical Engineering Tools - This site offers a lever mechanical advantage equation and tool, as well as many other engineering tools, that are free to use.
  • Forces & Levers - Discusses forces with levers in great detail with illustrations, equations, and example problems to help understand the concept.
  • Simple Lever Forces - If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use lever force calculator, look no further. Have your values ready, key them in the appropriate boxes, and the tool will calculate the answer immediately.
  • Lever System Formulas - Find various lever systems formulas and take full advantage of their free 80-page study guide.


  • Vector Magnitude - Learn about vector magnitude using illustrations, formulas, and a calculator for easy solving.
  • Vector Length - Determine the length, magnitude or norm of a vector. The site also offers various exercises with vectors to harness your problem solving skills.
  • 2D & 3D Vectors - Here's a reliable online tool to calculate the magnitude of 2D and 3D vectors; also offers brief explanations of the vector-magnitude concept.
  • 3D Vector Magnitude – Nestled between many other math and science resources, this tool calculates the magnitude of a 3D vector.Looking for a 3D vector magnitude tool? Find it here, as well as many other math and science resources.
  • Matrices - Studying matrices and vectors? This can serve as your online tutor.
  • Magnitude of Vectors - Click on this to solve for the magnitude of a vector, based on the vector's 2D or 3D values. You'll also find many other useful tools.


  • Mass - A basic math computation tool based on density and volume; takes into account the common units used when solving for mass.
  • Mass from Density - Use this to compute for the mass of an object. You'll also find many other unit converters that can be helpful to physics students.
  • Mass, Volume, and Density - Do you want to solve for volume, mass or density? This site can help you find the right answers and know the correct formulas to use.
  • Solving for Mass - Every physics student needs to be knowledgeable about density equations and formulas. This resource has the equations to solve for mass, density and volume.
  • Density - Need to solve density, mass or volume? You'll find all necessary equations and an explanation on how to find the right answers.

Maximum Height

  • Ballistic Trajectory - Here's a tool that can help you solve for the maximum height, range, time to impact, and impact velocity of a ballistic projectile. The illustration and notes aid in understanding the concept.
  • Projectiles - Use this resource to learn how to solve for the trajectory of a perfect projectile.
  • Projection - Determine the initial velocity, flight duration, and maximum height of the projection from the initial angle and distance traveled. You can also use other tools provided to solve other physics problems.
  • Trajectories - Provides a trajectory calculator, step-by-step instructions, trajectory formulas and example problems. Use this to your advantage and ace this topic in physics.
  • Maximum Height - This will come in handy when you're solving for the maximum height of projectile based on the laws of physics. It's an easy to use tool that provides instant results.


  • Momentum Velocity - Need to compute momentum change, mass or velocity change? Check out this tool and find accurate results fast and easy.
  • Finding the Unknown in Momentum - An essential physics tool when solving for the unknown in the mass-velocity-momentum equation. It helps get the job done fast.
  • Momentum - Make momentum computations easy and fun by taking advantage of this free online tool.
  • Relativistic Mechanics - What is relativistic momentum, and how do you solve for this unknown? Find equations as well as examples aplenty.
  • KE & Momentum - Solve for the kinetic energy and the momentum of a mass point from a given mass and a given velocity.
  • Momentum with Velocity - Learning how to compute for momentum with velocity? This provides formulas to use and a tool to verify your answers.
  • Angular Momentum - Makes angular momentum easy to find: just enter the mass, velocity, and radius in the appropriate boxes to get the angular momentum.
  • Linear Momentum - Did you know that linear momentum is mass multiplied by velocity? Learn more about this concept here.

Net Force

  • Net Force - Learn all about net force calculations: this online tool gives answers quickly, while the formula helps solve for net force manually.


  • Pendulum Basics - This is a simple pendulum calculator to use when studying physics. Check out the different equations and use them to solve for various unknowns.
  • More Pendulum Basics - A simple pendulum tool used by many students worldwide. Illustrations, equations and the instant calculator make this an essential physics resource.
  • The Swing of a Pendulum - Simple pendulum involves period, height, energy and speed computations. This resource has got them all covered, making it a very useful tool for students.
  • Simple Pendulum - Equations for both simple and physical pendulums can be found here – this tool is worthy of a bookmark!
  • Pendulum Motion - Covers all things pendulum, ranging from simple pendulum equations to pendulum geometry. Includes example problems to help students learn and understand pendulums.
  • The Swinging Period - Need help finding the period of a pendulum? Find a detailed explanation here.
  • More About Simple Pendulums - Take advantage of this handy tool while solving physics problems requiring simple pendulum computations. Many students find this resource very helpful because of the step-by-step explanations and example problems.
  • Pendulums & the Simple Harmonic Motions - Solve for the length, acceleration of gravity, and period of a simple pendulum motion. Examples and formulas enhance better learning among students.
  • Physical Pendulums - The specific page offers physical pendulum formulas that you can use to compute for period, center of mass, mass, acceleration of gravity, and distance of center.
  • More About Physical Pendulums - Solving for physical pendulum can be tricky without the right equations. Here, you'll find a detailed discussion of physical pendulum to make solving for various unknowns a breeze.
  • Pendulum Distance - Looking for a resource to help solve for pendulum distance? This is the right tool for you.

Projectile Motion

  • Projectile Motion – This tool that can help you find the answer with just a click of your mouse.
  • Vertical Velocity - This is the answer to those looking for projectile motion equations and formulas. This page can be very helpful when you're trying to find the vertical and horizontal velocity as well as the vertical and horizontal displacements.
  • Projectile Range - A useful resource for projectile motion range computations. Read the step-by-step instructions and work on the example problems to become more knowledgeable in projectile motion.
  • More on Projectile Range - Projectile motion for range becomes an easy subject when you use this tool to learn the concept. Study the different formulas, use the instant calculation tool and test your skills.
  • Vertical Displacement - This specific page of EasyCalculation provides all there is to know about projectile motion for vertical displacement. You'll also find related tools such as projectile motion for vertical velocity and projectile motion for range.
  • Vertical Velocity & Projectile Motion - Learn the concept of projectile motion for vertical velocity, and find plenty of other physics tools.
  • Projectile motion - This site makes it easy with an instant calculator, equations, and projectile path illustration. Highly recommend for students learning physics.


  • Pulleys - Adults and kids will find this pulley resource fun and educational. Watch the pulley come to life when the values are entered!
  • Pulleys and Belts - Knowledge about simple machines is always a plus; here, you'll learn about the pulley and belt.
  • Pulley Size and RPM - Quench your thirst for knowledge about pulley size and RPM, with examples and solutions to help understand the concept.
  • Pulleys and Belt Size - Use this to calculate pulleys and belt size – a helpful tool when learning about simple machines.
  • Belt and Pulley Ratios - Find the ratio of a simple belt and pulley drive: simply fill in the radius of the 2 pulleys to calculate the ratio.
  • All About Pulleys - A simple yet essential belt and pulley tool; just enter the values and the tool will do the computation for you.

Resultant Vector

  • Vector Component Resolver - Here, you'll find tools to construct or resolve a vector plus a fantastic approach to learning the subject.
  • Resultant Vector - How does one find the magnitude and direction of resultant vector by using the parallelogram law of forces? Find out here!
  • More About Resultant Vectors - The step-by-step approach provided here makes this a useful resource for solving problems involving resultant vector computations.
  • Vector Sums - A detailed discussion of resultant vector problems and computations, and a tool to find the answers quickly and accurately.


  • Torque - Easily find torque, force from torque, and distance from torque with three torque calculators.
  • Torque and Lever Arms - Understand the mechanics of torque and lever arm with the provided tools and explanation.
  • Torque Equations - Solve for torque, force, or distance with all the needed equations and an online tool for fast solutions.
  • Torque as a Vector - EasyCalculation has the right tool and formulas for problems involving torque computations.
  • Applied Torque Recommendations - A great torque resource with a realistic view of the concept - a must-see for engineering students.
  • Torque and Distance to Center of Gravity - A torque resource for those who need an easy-to-use tool in determining torque. Just key in the values, and the site will do the computation for you.
  • Torque Made Easy - Explanation of the torque concept in a step-by-step format, so students will learn and understand the subject.
  • Horsepower and Torque - Input horsepower and RPM to get an estimated torque output.


  • Velocity, Acceleration & Time - A great tool for assessing velocity, acceleration and time.
  • Final Velocity - Know the different velocity variables and how to solve for them.
  • Velocity Ultra - Take advantage of this helpful tool to solve for velocity, time or distance. Check out the example problems to gauge your level of expertise .
  • Velocity & Speed - Solving for the velocity or speed of a moving object is easy with SmartConversion's online resource.
  • Velocity & Speed (metric) - Convert instantly between velocity and speed! Choose from the dropdown list of velocity and speed units, then click convert to get the answer.
  • Velocity with Constant Acceleration - EasyCalculation makes it simple to compute for velocity. The site's easy-to-understand format helps students learn velocity calculations and problems in no time.
  • Constant Acceleration - Wouldn't it be great to find all the constant acceleration formulas and equations in one place? You just did!
  • Velocity, Acceleration, and Time - Velocity calculations don't get any simpler than with this helpful online tool. The step-by-step instructions and example problems encourage students to have fun learning the concept.
  • Average Velocity - EasyCalculation offers a great, easy-to-understand way to find the average velocity for constant acceleration. Perfect for students of all ages.
  • More on Average Velocity - TutorVista makes visitors feel like they're learning from a personal online tutor. The site has a step-by-step guide and word problems that make average velocity computations fun and easy.
  • Simplest Tool on Average Velocity - How do you calculate average velocity? You'll find all the answers you need to determine displacement over total time.
  • Uniform Motion - Keisan explains uniform motion in a simplistic format, making it the perfect tool for students who don't like reading long explanations.
  • KingCalculator will help you answer: average velocity, initial velocity, and velocity - what's the difference among these three concepts?