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The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer Game.

The Sorcerer - Ball chain game which was inspired by Zuma. Players must connect at least 3 balls in a row in order to remove them from the playing field. If you die you can restart on the level you started at and this version of the game has the expansion pack with 13 fun-filled levels.


Ahoy Pirate's Adventure

Ahoy Pirates Adventure.

Ahoy Pirate's Adventure - 13-level pirate platform game where players must avoid other pirates while picking up coins. Levels have weapons on them like TNT and a sword which allows you to fight other pirates for a short period of time.


Air Hockey

Air Hockey.

Air Hockey - Fast-moving one-player game with 3 levels of difficulty. Even the easiest level is quite hard.


American Football

American Football Santas Run.

American Football: Santa's Run - Vertical running game where Santa must avoid obstacles, enemies, and fans.


Neon Air Hockey

Neon Air Hockey.

Neon Air Hockey - Vertically oriented game which works well on mobile devices and comes with 3 different difficulty levels.


Air Warfare

Air Warfare.

Air Warfare - Vertical scrolling shooting game.


Iceland Adventure 2

Iceland Adventure 2.

Iceland Adventure 2 - Horizontal platform game where players collect keys to get through the level. Enemies can be attacked with a hammer or by throwing snowballs


Baby Cat Adventure

Baby Cat Adventure.

Baby Cat Adventure - Easy horizontal scrolling game with one-hit deaths.


Minesweeper Classic

Minesweeper Classic.

Minesweeper Classic - Bare bones minesweeper game which plays homage to the original. Click to reveal blocks. You can click on the flag button at the top to put flags where you are certain there are bombs.


Hidden Monster

Hidden Monster.

Hidden Monster - 54-level adventure board game based on minesweeper. The three main worlds are Egypt, green grass, and fire land. Laying flags is optional. To lay flags click on the flag below the playing field to straighten it out then you can place flags where there is a bomb. Unclick the flag to switch back to revealing squares. Some levels are irregular shapes or have squares missing, which makes the game much harder than traditional minesweeper games.




Minesweeper - A modern take on the classic game which allows you to set a playing field of 8x8 to 20x20 and allows you to adjust the game's difficulty by setting between 8 and 80 mines on the board. Left click to reveal squares and right click to place flags.


Battleship Minesweeper

Battleship Minesweeper.

Battleship Minesweeper - Navy themed board game with a 20 by 20 playing field and 70 bombs on it. As you place flags the mine counter in the lower left decreases.


Brick Out

Brick Out.

Brick Out - Similar to the arcade game Breakout. The mouse controls paddle movements and there are a variety of upgrades which fall toward the paddle as you clear the playing field


Brust Limit

Brust Limit.

Brust Limit - Grenade throwing game where players try to blow up zombies. The grenades ricochet, making the game somewhat challenging. Players must hit stars with the grenades in order to unlock levels further into the game.


Dark Run 2D

Dark Run 2D.

Dark Run 2D - Fast-paced running game where the player must jump to avoid enemies or holes in the ground while collecting coins. Timing double jumps is key to surviving long in this game.


Doggy Run

Doggy Run.

Doggy Run - Horizontal platform game where a player plays as a dog running through levels eating food while avoiding enemeies. The dog has to jump over most enemies. By default the dog runs rather slow. In the upper left corner of the game there is a button which can be used to increase the running speed.


Escape the Fuzz

Escape the Fuzz.

Escape the Fuzz - Pacman-like game where you race around collecting coins and avoiding the cops. Power ups turn your car into a tractor which can flatten cop cars. Currently this version works in Firefox but not in Google Chrome.


Kung Fu Master

Kung Fu Master.

Kung Fu Master - Game where a stationary kung fu expert hits up, down, left or right to attack advancing enemies.


Football Champion

Football Champion.

Football Champion - Soccer goalie simulation game where you block shots on goal while avoiding bombs.




Footstar - Sideview soccer game where players try to score a goal while the ball touches multiple stars.



Frogtastic Game.

Frogtastic - Ball chain game where you must get 3 in a row to clear the balls before they reach the end of the stage. The game has 13 levels and was inspired by Zuma.


Flight Sim

Flight Sim Air Traffic Control Simulation Game.

Flight Sim - Simulation game which has the player act as an air traffic controller at busy airports. The game has 10 different levels and each level ends when all planes and helicopters have been landed without any wrecking..


Frosty Foxy

Frosty Foxy.

Frosty Foxy - Move side to side and jump to avoid snowballs and iceciles while collecting gems.


Graveyard Run

Graveyard Run.

Graveyard Run - Avoid zombies while collecting keys and exiting each level of this jumping platform game.


Hold Positon

Hold Position.

Hold Position - Base defense game where you must defend the base for 10 minutes in each level.


Hold Position 2

Hold Position 2.

Hold Position 2 - The sequal to Hold Position, a medieval castle defense game with the same 10-minute level timer.


Hold Positon 3

Hold Position 3.

Hold Position 3 - Third game in the series with a dramatically different play style. The first two games had 10-minute levels, whereas this game has endless waves of enemies and rather than fighting you keep buying powers up for your castle's weaponry, defense, and how quickly you accumulate treasures to buy more power ups.


Hero Story

Hero Story.

Hero Story - Slow horizontal fighting platformer where enemies take quite a few hits to die.


Kitsune Zenko Adventure

Kitsune Zenko Adventure.

Kitsune Zenko Adventure - Platform game where the player must collect cherries and gems while avoiding enemies which can one-hit kill them.


Kitty Chase

Kitty Chase.

Kitty Chase - Platform game where a cat collects treasures while evading other cats.


Flight in Rain

Flight in Rain.

Flight in Rain - Sideview game where you must avoid birds while flying and collect coins. You hold in the mouse button to give the plane gas and elevate, and let off to let the plane desend.


Mad Boy Adventures

Mad Boy Adventures.

Mad Boy Adventures - Easy horizontal platform game where they player collects coins and stars. The game has a double-jump feature which makes it much easier than it otherwise would be.


Magic Run

Magic Run.

Magic Run - Halloween themed running platform game which is brutally difficult.


Ninja Blade

Ninja Blade.

Ninja Blade - Jumping game where a ninja tries to hit daggers and flying stars without getting hit by them or landing on them.




Jumpers - Cute isometric game where players collect money while avoiding spikes and TNT.


Ninja Copter

Ninja Copter.

Ninja Copter - Verticle scrolling game inspired by Flappy Bird, though it is much harder than Flappy Bird.


Masked Stabber

Masked Stabber.

Masked Stabber - 30-level platformer where one must sneak up on their enemies without getting noticed.


Meme Generator

Meme Generator.

Meme Generators - Fun and playful tool to quickly create memes.


Ninja Wall Runner

Ninja Wall Runner.

Ninja Wall Runner - Vertical scrolling running game where a ninja jumps back and forth across sides of the screen to keep running up while avoiding spikes.


Panda Jump

Panda Jump.

Panda Jump - Vertical scrolling game where a panda must jump from side to side up bamboo polls to avoid rising water.


Nuts for Winter

Nuts for Winter.

Nuts for Winter - Easy 20-level game where a player must collect nuts before reseting in a nest. Fans are used to push the player across the screen and they can puff up to float or exhale to sink. Players must avoid spikes and other obsticles.


Panda Love

Panda Love.

Panda Love - Click on the mouse to make the running panda jump to collect coins while avoiding the spikes.


Penguin Match 3

Penguin Match 3.

Penguin Match 3 - Easy and relaxing 3 in a row game.


Picture Runner

Picture Runner.

Picture Runner - Easy hand-drawn horizontal running platform game where the player can run above or below the playing field to avoid boxes while they run.


Pop Up

Pop Up.

Pop Up - Simple vertical jumping platformer where the ball must repeatedly jump between gaps in ledges without hitting one.


Reaperman vs Goblins

Reaperman vs Goblins.

Reaperman vs Goblins - Game where you have to fight off waves of consecutive goblins using fireballs and other power up weapons.


Canvas Snake

Canvas Snake Game.

Canvas Snake - Simple and pixelated version of the classic game snake, where the snake grows by eating food and the game is over if a snake hits itself or touches a wall.



Snakeland Snake Game.

Snakeland - Beautiful mobile-friendly version of the snake game with obstacles in the playing field and levels you exit through to via bridges after eating all the food available on each level.


Gobble Snake

Gobble Snake Game.

Gobble Snake - Simple mobile-friendly 15-level snake game with fixed paths the snake must go on without running into itself.


Worm Challenge

Worm Challenge Snake Game.

Worm Challenge - Cute 10-level snake-based game where the player is a worm. Players can use touch or push in the left button on their mouse while dragging it in the direction they want the worm to go.