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This calculator makes it easy to quickly calculate VAT on a sale. Simply enter the sale amount, the local VAT rate & the select to either add or subtract VAT from the sale. VAT rates for dozens of countries around the world are displayed underneath the calculator.

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Global VAT Rates

Here are current value added tax rates for many countries as of 2018.

Country Rate
Australia 10%
Belgium 21%
Denmark 25%
France 19.6%
Germany 19%
Greece 23%
India 13.5%
Ireland 23%
Israel 18%
Italy 22%
Malaysia 10%
Mexico 16%
Netherlands 21%
New Zealand 15%
Norway 25%
Pakistan 16%
Philippines 12%
Poland 23%
Romania 24%
Singapore 7%
South Africa 14%
Spain 21%
Sweden 25%
Turkey 18%
United Kingdom 20%

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