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Debt Coverage Ratio.

Use this calculator to quickly estimate your coverage ratio.

  • Current Coverage Ratio: The first calculator presumes you know the current profits of a business along with the total interest expenses.
  • Future Coverage Ratio: The second calculator presumes you know the total debt load and the estimated blended average interest rate on the debt, along with any other debt-related expenses. This makes it easy to plan for changing market conditions & see how changes in profits, interest rates or total debt load will impact your ratio.

As you change any variable the output is automatically calculated.

Calculate Your Current Coverage Ratio

Profit Before Interest And Taxes
Annual Interest And Bank Charges

Current Coverage Ratio

Calculate Your Future Coverage Ratio

Future Profit Before Interest & Taxes
Total Debt Outstanding
Estimate Blended Interest Rate (APR %):
Other Non-interest Debt-related Expenses:

Estimate Future Coverage Ratio

Take Advantage of Recent Interest Rate Increases