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Game Screenshot

FreeCell Solitaire Card Game.

Game Description

This is a version of solitare where cards are shown face up in 8 columns. Users must re-arrange the cards by counting down and alternating suit colors between red and black until they can expose the Ace cards and move them over to begin hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades suit-based stacks counting up.

Game Technology

Almost every game in our collection was created using a game building tool named Construct. These games are rendered using JavaScript and a mobile-friendly HTML design, so they work on desktop computers, laptops like the Google Chromebook, tablets like the iPad or Amazon Kindle Fire, and mobile devices like the iPhone. You can play this game on computers powered by the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Apple OS X Mac operating system, and mobile phones like the iPhone powered by iOS or Google Android powered Samsung. Try the game in it's own window by clicking here.


How to Play FreeCell Solitaire

General Instructions

  • Cards are dealt in 8 columns with all cards showing.
  • Players can move individual cards on the playing board to build down by decresent card rank with alternate colors.
  • The game has 4 free cells adjacent to the board where players can temporarily store cards. These cards can be added back to the playing field at any time provided they fit the above stated pattern of decresent rank in alternate colors.
  • If the free cells are empty the player can move stacks of up to 5 cards at a time. Each cell which has a card in it decreases the number of cards the player can move at a time by one.
  • Open columns in the playing field can also be used similar to the free cells on the side. If you want to move a large stack you may need to break it into smaller substacks you move into the open columns and then move the stack across in multiple steps.
  • Aces are moved to the foundations to the right, and cards can then be stacked on top of them in increasing sequential order: Ace, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King.
  • If you move all cards to the columns the game is over and you have won. If you can't make any more moves then the game is over and you lost.
  • The game records how many steps it took you to win the game along with a score. Player score starts at 500 and each card move costs a point.

Starting a New Game

You can click on the rounded arrow to start a new game.

Game Features

The top left button allows players to expand the game to full screen. Other buttons across the top allow players to restart the level, read game instructions, turn music on or off, and exit the game.

The game does not have an "undo move" button, which makes it more challenging than games which have that feature.

You may play this game embedded in the above iframe or click here to view it in a separate browser window by itself.

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