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Logic Games.

All logic puzzle games in our free online arcade offer immediate online play without requiring login or any app installation.

Physics Logic Games

Abstract World

Abstract World Game.

Abstract World - 30-level physics platformer and logical puzzle game where players roll yellow and green balls into the holes by moving plank supports.


Fruit Tetris

Fruit Tetris Game.

Fruit Tetris - Drop emojis into the playing field and get identical emoji to touch each other. Each time identical emoji touch you merge into a larger and more valuable emoji. Can you merge all the way to the watermelon emoji?


Puzzle Logic Games


Ballio Game.

Ballio - 30-level puzzle logic game where players must clear all but one pieces from the playing field by bumping the other pieces off the board.



Boxkid Game.

Boxkid - Puzzle logic game where the player clears the level by pushing boxes on top of switches. The player can push but not pull. The player can be moved by setting your mouse on him, clicking it and dragging it in the direction you want the player to move. Boxes which are in place on a lever may be moved again.



Beepio Game.

Beepio - 33-level puzzle logic game where players must clear all the honey lines between honeycombs from the level without going over the same path twice.


Connect a Way

Connect a Way Game.

Connect a Way - 24-level puzzle logic game where players must connect all dots on a level using a single line that touches each dot only once.



Minesweeper Classic

Minesweeper Classic.

Minesweeper Classic - Bare bones minesweeper game which plays homage to the original. Click to reveal blocks. You can click on the flag button at the top to put flags where you are certain there are bombs.


Hidden Monster

Hidden Monster.

Hidden Monster - 54-level adventure board game based on minesweeper. The three main worlds are Egypt, green grass, and fire land. Laying flags is optional. To lay flags click on the flag below the playing field to straighten it out then you can place flags where there is a bomb. Unclick the flag to switch back to revealing squares. Some levels are irregular shapes or have squares missing, which makes the game much harder than traditional minesweeper games.




Minesweeper - A modern take on the classic game which allows you to set a playing field of 8x8 to 20x20 and allows you to adjust the game's difficulty by setting between 8 and 80 mines on the board. Left click to reveal squares and right click to place flags.


Battleship Minesweeper

Battleship Minesweeper.

Battleship Minesweeper - Navy themed board game with a 20 by 20 playing field and 70 bombs on it. As you place flags the mine counter in the lower left decreases.


Find the Difference

Find the Differences

Find 7 Differences.

Find the Differences - Find differences between two side-by-side images.


Logic-based Math Games

Get Twelve

Get Twelve.

Get Twelve - Touch related number blocks to remove them from the board and create a block using the subsequent number until you count up to 12.


Math Plus Pro

Math Plus Pro.

Math Plus Pro - addition game where students move the cursor around a box of numbers until all boxes show the same number.




CalcuDoku - What sodoku would be if it also included math operators.

Sodoku-inspired game which requires using each number once per line and the correct math operators to solve the puzzle.




Sumagi - Scroll over numbers to add up to a target goal number. Game settings allow for 3 to 10 rows and difficulty levels from baby to master.


Master Sudoku

Master Sudoku.

Master Sudoku - Game offering hints and puzzle completion features along with the following difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, very hard, insane, inhuman.


Ultimate Sudoku

Ultimate Sudoku.

Ultimate Sudoku - Sudoku game offering beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. When you highlight a field it shows the related fields & when you enter a number into a field it shows the other boxes using that number.


2048 Cuteness Edition

2048 Cuteness Edition.

2048 Cuteness Edition - Cute version of the popular math puzzle game 2048 where number pieces add together and double when scrolled together.


Stone Merge

Stone Merge.

Stone Merge - This game operates a somewhat similarly to 2048 with a few major differences. When numbers are ran together it adds one number to the stone versus doubling it. Stones at the top of the stack or stones with an empty slot next to them can be lifted up and then carried over and up or down to other stones of the matching number.


Connect Merge

Connect Merge.

Connect Merge - Game similar to 2048 where you can connect pieces up or down, left or right, or diagonally. Another big difference between this game and 2048 is you can connect more than 2 pieces at a time & when you do it will remove all other pieces except the end piece. When connecting multiple pieces together you double the value of the original number on a piece even if you connect 3, 4, or 5 pieces together. For example, if one connected the 3 32s in the middle column of this picture along with the 32 at the right side of the bottom then the resultant number would still be 64.




Tendo - Include dominoes pieces in blocks on the playing field to add any row or column to 10. When a column or row reaches exactly 10 the pieces are removed from that column or row.


Burn Matches

Burn Matches Game.

Burn Matches - Add and/or subtract matches as directed to solve equations in this 20-level game.




Reorder Numbers - Shuffleboard puzzle game where players place numbers in sequential numerical order on a 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5 grid.