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Puzzle Games.

All puzzle games in our free online arcade offer immediate online play without requiring login or any app installation.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Delux Puzzle

Jigsaw Delux Puzzle.

Jigsaw Delux Puzzle - Complete puzzles of cute animals using 16, 36, 64 or 100 pieces. Game features include optional background shadow highlighting as well as music.


Cartoon Puzzle

Cartoon Puzzle.

Cartoon Puzzle - Solve the default cartoon puzzle using 25, 49, or 100 puzzle pieces. You can also click on the camera option to select an image from your computer to turn into a puzzle. Additional cartoon puzzles can be acquired by using in-game points. Pieces can not be turned. The background does not show an outline of the puzzle, so you have to remember what it looks like or work from the edge pieces inward. Pieces automatically lock into place when they touch the correct ajoining piece.


Kids Puzzle

Kids Puzzle.

Kids Puzzle - Easy puzzle game for yong children where pieces do not need to be turned. The background shows where the pieces go and there are 6 colorful boards to choose from.


Kids Puzzle Adventures

Kids Puzzle Adventure.

Kids Puzzle Adventures - Simple puzzles offering 2 modes of difficulty, with both being quite easy as the puzzle's outline is shown in the background.


Puzzles for Kids

Puzzles for Kids.

Puzzles for Kids - Exceptionally easy puzzle game good for young children. Pieces do not spin. Players can select between animals and fruits.


Memory Matching Flashcard Games

Remember Where

Remember Where Game.

Remember Where - Game which requires players to remember which pieces on a board were lit. As players progress more tiles are added to the playing field. Players can buy upgrades like more time to view the field, more time to select which tiles were lit, and the ability to make incorrect choices.


Animal Matching Memory Game

Animal Memory Flashcard Game.

Animal Flashcard Matching Memory Game - Flip over hidden cards and match the animals.


Sweety Memory

Sweety Memory Game.

Sweety Memory - Memory matching card game for kids where they remove candy cards from the playing field and complete the level by matching pairs.



Clever Memory Match Game.

Clever - Players click on the squares where an item appeared during the level preview.



Remembro Memory Matching Game.

Remembro - Flashcard game where players match words to the associated picture. Buttons at the top of the screen allow players to turn sounds on or off & to use capital or lower case letters.


Find Differences Between Images

Find the Differences

Find 7 Differences.

Find the Differences - Find differences between two side-by-side images.


Logic Puzzle Games


Ballio Game.

Ballio - 30-level puzzle logic game where players must clear all but one pieces from the playing field by bumping the other pieces off the board.



Boxkid Game.

Boxkid - Puzzle logic game where the player clears the level by pushing boxes on top of switches. The player can push but not pull. The player can be moved by setting your mouse on him, clicking it and dragging it in the direction you want the player to move. Boxes which are in place on a lever may be moved again.



Beepio Game.

Beepio - 33-level puzzle logic game where players must clear all the honey lines between honeycombs from the level without going over the same path twice.


Connect a Way

Connect a Way Game.

Connect a Way - 24-level puzzle logic game where players must connect all dots on a level using a single line that touches each dot only once.


Rubiks Cube

3D Rubik's Cube

3D Rubiks Cube.

3D Rubik's Cube - Timed cube showing the top, left and right sides of an interactive 3D cube. You can rotate which faces of the cube are shown by dragging your mouse from the edge of the screen.


Rubiks Cube

Rubiks Cube.

Rubiks Cube - This game is similar to the 3d Rubik's Cube game except it has a colored background.





Minesweeper - A modern take on the classic game which allows you to set a playing field of 8x8 to 20x20 and allows you to adjust the game's difficulty by setting between 8 and 80 mines on the board. Left click to reveal squares and right click to place flags.


Battleship Minesweeper

Battleship Minesweeper.

Battleship Minesweeper - Navy themed board game with a 20 by 20 playing field and 70 bombs on it. As you place flags the mine counter in the lower left decreases.


Hidden Monster

Hidden Monster.

Hidden Monster - 54-level adventure board game based on minesweeper. The three main worlds are Egypt, green grass, and fire land. Laying flags is optional. To lay flags click on the flag below the playing field to straighten it out then you can place flags where there is a bomb. Unclick the flag to switch back to revealing squares. Some levels are irregular shapes or have squares missing, which makes the game much harder than traditional minesweeper games.


Minesweeper Classic

Minesweeper Classic.

Minesweeper Classic - Bare bones minesweeper game which plays homage to the original. Click to reveal blocks. You can click on the flag button at the top to put flags where you are certain there are bombs.



Canvas Snake

Canvas Snake Game.

Canvas Snake - Simple and pixelated version of the classic game snake, where the snake grows by eating food and the game is over if a snake hits itself or touches a wall.



Snakeland Snake Game.

Snakeland - Beautiful mobile-friendly version of the snake game with obstacles in the playing field and levels you exit through to via bridges after eating all the food available on each level.