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Physics Games.

All physic puzzle games in our free online arcade offer immediate online play without requiring login or any app installation.

Physics Games

Abstract World

Abstract World Game.

Abstract World - 30-level physics platformer and logical puzzle game where players roll yellow and green balls into the holes by moving plank supports.




Archery - See how gravity and force impact the arch of an arrow in this simple game with stick men as targets.



Balance Game.

Balance - Shoot balls at either side of a balancing lever to collect coins, avoid bombs, shoot basketballs into a hoop, or complete other simple tasks.


Ball in the Cup

Ball in the Cup.

Ball in the Cup - Move blocks, wedges, fans and magnets in order to roll a ball into a cup. The artwork for this 20-level game is beautifully hand drawn. Most levels are quite simple. The above picture shows the final level.


Blue Story

Blue Story.

Blue Story - 15-level game where players move items to get a blue box to fall onto a blue ledge without touching the ground. The first 14 levels are quite easy, but the last level is relatively challenging.


Boxes Physic

Boxes Physic.

Boxes Physic - 32-level game where players must quickly remove all green boxes from the screen by breaking boxes or shooting other items at them. The speed of each level makes the game quite challenging, particularly as some functions need to be done in rapid succession while avoiding other moving parts of the playing field.




Engineerio - Move the red ball to the green target by moving supports and timing moving planks in this challenging 30-level game.




Footstar - Sideview soccer game where players try to score a goal while the ball touches multiple stars.