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Figure Your Gratuity & Total Per Person

This calculator makes it easy to split bills and quickly calculate the appropriate tip on a bill inclusive or exclusive of service charge. Enter the bill size, sales tax amount, service charge (if any), tip percent & how many people are splitting the bill to quickly see your results.

Bill Charge Amount
Bill Amount:
(Before Service Charge & Sales Tax)
Sales Tax:
(in $)
Service Charge %:
Count SC as Part of Tip?:
(Doesn't impact calculation if SC = 0)
No Yes
Tip %:
(15% to 20% is Common)
(How Many People Are Splitting the Check?)
Totals Amount
Total Amount Owed ($):
Service Charge ($):
Total Gratuity ($):
Tip Excluding Service Charge ($):
Per Person Amount
Total Gratuity Per Person ($):
Tip Per Person, Less Service Charge ($):
Total Per Person ($):



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Calculation Instructions

This calculator makes it easy to quickly calculate a tip on a check based on a fixed percentage, along with splitting bills and tips among multiple parties. Simply enter the base amount, the tip percent and the number of parties sharing the bill to quickly see your estimated tips and all in costs. You may also use the service charge option to subtract the service charge from your total tip amount & estimate the tip per person less any mandatory gratuity charge.

Waiter Screwing Up Order.
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Understanding Tipping Etiquite

In some countries - like the United States - many service workers like waiters and waitresses are paid far below the standard minimum wage by the employer, as it is presumed they will make a significant portion of their wages via tips. Tips which are paid on the bill via credit card are taxed as part of the employee's compensation. Some waitresses and waiters do not claim all their cash tips.

Many hotels include a service charge automatically. Some dining establishments add an automatic gratuity to larger parties, so make sure you look at the check to see if there is a service charge which has already been added to the bill. There is a research-based movement to ban tipping in favor of a mandatory service charge:

"Our research shows that all of that sexual harassment—from customers, coworkers, and management—can be traced back to this whole culture of forcing women to make their income based on pleasing the customer. To me it’s all summed up by this one quote from Texas, where they earn $2.13 an hour before tips. This waitress was speaking at a Senate press conference, and she said: ‘Senators, what would it be like for you if your income depended on the happiness of the people you serve? Because my income depends on the people I serve, I have to put up with a guy groping by butt every day so I can feed my four year old son every day.’"
- Saru Jayaraman, author of Forked: A New Standard for American Dining

In some cultures - like Japan - tipping is not mandatory, common nor expected. In some cases - like at Ryokans - tips may be handed to a deserving person in a small envelope.

Common Tip Amounts

Here are some frequently provided services and typical tip amounts:

Service Typical Tip Range
Food Service (waiters, waitresses, bartenders) 15% to 20%
Food Delivery 15% to 20%, at least $3 to $5
Hotel Room Service Usually included in room rate. If not, 15% to 20%
Hotel Housekeeping Typically not expected, but a couple Dollars per person per day is common & higher amounts at 5 star hotels in big cities.
Taxi/Limo/Uber/Lyft 15% to 20%
Valet Parking $3 to $5
Mechanic, Plumber, Electritian, Tradesman Typically not expected. For an urgent rush job or an outstanding performance a $20 to $50 tip is not uncommon.
Home Cleaners $10 to $20
Hairstylist, Barber, Nail Service, Massage 10% to 20%, with a $5 to $10 minimum at cheaper locations
Shuttle Bus Drivers $1 to $3

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