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My name is Gio Marie and this site is a reflection of my passion for computers, teaching, and simplicity.

In my daily life, I teach people - from kids through seniors - how to use computers. I was lucky enough to get a PC in 1992, and since then I've stayed abreast of every development (my favorite being the internet, of course).

What I've learned through my work is that people are afraid of what they don't know: technology, math, medical name it. A senior with heart disease may not know the risk factors for that particular medical condition. A prospective retiree might not know how to calculate interest on their various loans. A college freshman might be wary of integrals.

While all of these situations are different, they share two important characteristics: they can cause anxiety for the individual and, often, this anxiety can be reduced by using technology.

Since they tell you the input they need, helping you map out what you need to know, calculators can check your work and confirm your answer, relieving some of your anxiety.  Calculators are simple tools that can simplify your life.

I built this site because I want to gather some of the best calculators available online, categorize them, and offer them to you so that you can find the answers you seek. It's a great way to help teachers, students, parents, grandparents, and everyone in between make their daily lives a bit simpler!

I also owe a debt of gratitude to my aunt Theresa, who has offered invaluable feedback on improving the site.

Need Help? Have Feedback?

Do you have any questions, comments, or feedback? Please contact us by emailing mail@ our domain name. If you have an idea for a calculator you'd like to see me add, please do send that feedback along as well. I like to add new calculators every month, and I'll try to keep that turnaround time to under a month if I really like the idea.

Privacy Policy

This website does not sell user data.

After running this site ad-free for 3 years I decided to test carrying responsive ads from Clickio & on some pages to see how much they would earn & if that would allow me to invest further into growing the site. These ads are clearly marked & their privacy policies are located here & here. Beyond integrating the ads on some pages, the only ways in which users are tracked are as follows:

  • If someone emails us, we receive whatever they email.
  • We have Clicky web analytics installed to monitor site usage and provide feedback on which calculators are most popular, so we can put more effort into improving the parts of the site used most heavily and see where users are having trouble with the layout, format, or functionality of the site.
  • We have social sharing buttons from networks like Pinterest on the site. Some of these social sites may track users for refining their relevancy algorithms and improving ad targeting on their sites.
  • Some web-related companies like Microsoft and Google may track user behavior in their web browsers to personalize results. But there is really nothing we can do about this as a web publisher other than recommend you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser as your default browser & verify you are set to share as little data as needed with the big web companies.

Any future changes to this policy will appear on

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Our site is widely referenced by educational institutions, bloggers, web guides and has recieved coverage in numerous popular publiclations like Forbes.

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