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Check out our free online arcade offering dozens of fantasic word games. Players can work on their typing speed, play cross word puzzles, use word finders, or work on their spelling. Our free games are rendered using mobile-friendly HTML design, so they work on desktop & laptop computers, laptops like the Chromebook, tablets like the iPad, and mobile devices like the iPhone. Play these games computers powered by the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Apple OS X Mac operating system, the Google Chrome OS, and mobile phones like the iPhone powered by iOS or Google Android powered Samsung phones.

All games in our free online arcade work entirely online. You do not have to log in, visit an app store, or download external software to play these games.

Word Spelling Games

Letter Blocks

Letter Blocks Game.

Letter Blocks - Players learn the sounds of letters and how to spell words with this game. Many words are easy, though some might be a bit difficult for younger players unless they have volume turned on and can hear the annunciation before spelling each word. The 100 words in the word database are editable with the database being stored within the game and onto your local computer, so you could have a child focus on a specific subject or even use the game to teach the spelling of words in a foreign language.