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Game Screenshot

Klondike Solitaire Card Game.

Game Description

Klondike solitaire shows 7 card stacks where the top card in each stack is showing by default. Players must stack the cards on the playing field in decrementing order while alternating suit color and then build suit-based foundations starting with the aces and incrementing upward.

Game Technology

Almost every game in our collection was created using a game building tool named Construct. These games are rendered using JavaScript and a mobile-friendly HTML design, so they work on desktop computers, laptops like the Google Chromebook, tablets like the iPad or Amazon Kindle Fire, and mobile devices like the iPhone. You can play this game on computers powered by the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Apple OS X Mac operating system, and mobile phones like the iPhone powered by iOS or Google Android powered Samsung. Try the game in it's own window by clicking here.


How to Play Klondike Solitaire Card Game

General Instructions

  • Cards are dealt in 7 columns with 1 to 7 cards in each column. Players need to make stacks on the playing field by decrementing card values and alternating suit color between red and black.
  • When the cards with the faces showing are removed from a stack the next card underneath them is flipped over. If no cards remain in a stack then a king may be placed in the blank space.
  • Aces can be moved to the foundations to the side and upon them other cards in the same suit are stacked counting upward.
  • Players can click through the deck to reveal new cards and try to play them on the board. When the player has worked through the entire deck they can click again to start at the beginning of the deck trying to play new cards onto the board.
  • Aces are automatically added to the foundation, while other cards must be manually dragged over to the stack. Players are scored based on how many cards they stack on the board and remove from the playing field & how long it takes to complete the game.

Game Features

The buttons across the top of the screen allow a player to expand to full screen, restart the game, read game instructions, turn sound on or off, and exit the game.

Our klondike solitaire game has two difficulty levels.

  • Easy: When flipping through the deck players turn one card at a time.
  • Normal: When flipping through the deck players turn three cards at a time.

The game does not have an "undo move" button, which makes it more challenging than games which have that feature.

You may play this game embedded in the above iframe or click here to view it in a separate browser window by itself.

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