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Game Screenshot

Four Colors Monument Edition Card Game.

Game Description

This is a popular card game for kids where each player tries to run out of cards first. Four Colors is a card game inspired by Uno & this is the second edition of Four Colors, where the numerical cards have drawings of famous monuments on them.

Game Technology

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How to Play


Players can select to play against 1 to 3 competitors. The goal of the game is to lay down all your cards first.

Players are dealt 7 cards each & playing goes clockwise.


You may lay cards which either match the color (yellow, green, red, or blue) or the number (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) of the card in the middle.

If you can not match either then you are forced to draw another card.

If you have a play you can make you must make it rather than drawing another card without making the move.

Remember to Call Uno

Immediately after laying your second to last card you have to click the 1 button on the screen or else you will be dealt 2 more cards.

Special Cards

There are a number of special cards including a color wildcard, cards which force competitors to pick up more cards, and cards which reverse direction of the playing field.

  • wild - can be laid on any card at any time and allows you to change the color of play
  • +3 wild - allows you to call color and deals 3 cards to the next player. You can only lay this card if you have no other valid plays available.
  • +2 - deals 2 cards to the next player & forced them to forfeit their turn
  • arrows - change the direction the game is playing (between clockwises & counterclockwise)
  • "no" symbol - skip the next player


When you have many cards in your hand try to play cards which are the most over-represented so that you have a diversity of lay options possible.

For example, if you have 7 cards and 4 of the cards in your hand are red you would likely to want to lay a red card if you can.

Similarly, if you have 7 cards and 3 of the cards are valued at 5 you would want to lay one of those fives if you can.

If you keep multiple colors and numerical values in your hand until you have few cards left you increase the odds you will be able to make a play on the next hand.

If you are fairly certain what color a player with 1 card left is holding you can intentionally make a suboptimal strategic play for your hand to try to prevent them from being able to win the game. For example, if they have 1 card left and you believe it is yellow you could throw a blue 4 on a yellow 4 even if you were holding multiple other yellow cards in your hand.


Only the winner of the hand scores points & their score is based on the value of cards held in the hands of losing players.

  • Numerical cards are worth their face value.
  • Wild cards are worth 50 points.
  • Other action cards (reverse, skip turn, and deal 2 cards) are worth 20 points each.

Hands are repeatedly dealt until a player reaches a cumulative game score of 250 total points or higher.

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